Hurrah for a bit of old school direct mail for the more (Ahem) experience members of the Regenic team to get their teeth into. Actually direct mail, far from dying off ( as some would have you believe) provides a great ROI and can make all the difference.

EFuse, a specialist telecommunications company provides superfast connections, download and upload speeds to the commercial companies and developers across the UK. Regenic were commissioned to design, write and produce both disruptive direct mail campaign collateral, plus commercial and tenant welcome packs from EFUSE.

We love direct mail and traditional marketing collateral, with the team having produced creative mailers and corporate brochures for dozen of well-known UK brands.

If you have a corporate brochure requirement or require a mail pack that needs an injection of creativity, humour or just simply hard hitting messages, talk to us and we will make your collateral stand out and work harder for you.