Consultancy and Support

For over a decade Regenic has provided hands on sales support to help all kinds of companies grow.
This sharp end support differentiates us from other agencies. Although every business has its own unique challenges one thing they all have in common is the need to grow. Our goal is always to deliver business growth and the results our clients need.
This single-minded ethos underpins all our sales support and is embedded into all our work.

Having worked with Regenic for the past two months I have found your marketing skills and methods of exceptional value to my company as regards bringing in new and existing business. I find it a privilege to draw from your many years of experience in the marketing field in such a short space of time, and seeing results immediately from the systems you put in place. The high levels of skill, enthusiasm and marketing ability would be and essential and huge asset to any company wishing to expand their company.

-Gary Shawbinns, GSB Signs

Workshops & Training

We believe that creative juices flow through everybody, it just takes different methods to unleash creativity.

Some of our clients like to be involved in the branding or marketing process and of course we oblige. Our branding and marketing workshops are great fun and have produced some amazing ideas and fantastic brands and yes, we admit.sometimes the ideas and brands have come from the clients themselves, not us.


The team at Regenic have a tale of two to tell. We’ve been in the marketing and advertising industryfor many years and deliver seminars for companies on branding, direct marketing and other marketing topics.
Keep an eye out for when we next speak!

“What you get with Steve and Regenic is results, Steve has streamlined the whole sales process at Initio and we are seeing the benefit through increased sales and margins.”


“Steve Fairhurst was our externally sourced Business Development Consultant and in the first two years doubled our turnover.”


“Helps you see the wood from the trees when you want to grow your business. Very knowledgeable when it comes to getting to most out of your marketing strategy.”