How we help customers gravitate to your business….

Inbound marketing has so many facets, it’s easy to be confused or take the wrong options or even miss what’s out there.
Our campaigns are aligned specifically to your goals and strategy, with a simple 4 stage overall process to drive leads and brand awareness

Your Market

We look to attract customers to your company website using pre-agreed marketing methods and powerful brand strategies and storytelling.

Website Visitors

When customers reach your site, we want them to engage with your business and take action. We look to convert them by providing relevant or interesting information.


Our unique ideas and content are designed to build trust with your wider audience that will re-enforce your brand, positioning your audience into prospective buyers.


We ensure customer engagement is maximised to build leads using lead generation and conversion tools.

Inbound Activity- Story Telling

Everyone likes a good story and for many years smart marketers have been telling them as a means of hooking interest.
As an ideas agency, we look to create stories around brand and develop content that resonates with the audience. This is complemented with strategic positioning using tools like personna mapping. We use a mix of online, social, SEO, content, video and often integrated outbound marketing to deliver results. Talk to us and we can position your campaigns strategically rather than throwing stuff out there and hoping it sticks.

Persona Mapping

Regenic look to understand your potential buyer’s behaviour, where they congregate online, what interests them, what there challenges are and then develop buyer profiles.  Buyer profiles help focus our writers to develop relevant content that is relevant and interesting to your specific audience.   Pushing your product or service down the throats of your prospects is never a great way to win business.  By understanding more about your prospect base, we can tailor content with personality that resolves issues, educates or entertains, gravitating your audience to your brand.


Tweeting “Happy Tuesday” or posting a picture of the office cat on facebook is unlikely to strategically win you custom.
There are many ways to interact with your customer base and wider audience. The key is to look at how your market place interacts with social media and which platforms they use. We use our idea creation techniques to analyse the right content to deliver to a hungry market place, building your brand through education and clever content.


No alchemy or jargon allowed.
Running powerful SEO campaigns we look to identify which keywords will drive traffic to your website. We will develop complementary SEO campaigns to work with social delivery and powerful story-telling content to deliver results.


Good content is like good cake. (yes I know, we are addicted to the stuff) If its good you want more. Story-telling and interesting content is in our creative blood. Align this to persona mapping, our big ideas and our story-telling and we can drive interest and develop your brand personality in a new and interesting way.

““Streetwise marketers with vast experience”


“Work that pushes creative boundaries, but always right on brief”


“What you get with Regenic is results”